Saturday, March 31, 2007

Housing Market????

If you have been reading my Blog you already know my story. I Sold my House last year, in the Lower Mainland, and found that the Housing Market had lost its energy. Was it seasonal or was there a trend starting?? I moved to my new town and rented, while keeping an eye on Real Estate. I found a house that was almost perfect; location, size, neighbours, etc. and decided to buy back.

I admit I am still extremely curious of what is to come. Will House Prices hold?? Are we to expect the same housing slump that the US is experiencing?? Is the US RE Market actually suffering as much as is being reported?? How much will Canadians pay for Real Estate??

There are other countries in the World that have worse affordability issues than we do, even at our current prices. Is this influencing our Market? The internet has definitely opened up information and made our MLS available to anyone with an internet connection.

From where I sit I am seeing the Canadian Housing Market still moving along, especially in Alberta. It will be interesting to see what the Spring Market brings. More Listings? Or more Sales?? I guess only the market knows, and time will tell.

Don't forget to check the RE Board STATS for this month which should be out over the next week.


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