Friday, February 2, 2007

The Pizza Guy.

I am sitting in an empty house so I ordered pizza for lunch. The pizza guy was really interested in what I sold and paid for my house.

He said he was in the market so I told him to check out "Housing Blogs". He proceeded to write it on his hand and said "Thanks!"

P.S. - From where he was sitting he felt the market was slowing down.


Anonymous said...

Well, if the Pizza guy was interested in getting a place like yours, it couldn't cost too much.

What kind of a place can pizza guys afford these days?


patriotz said...

I think the pizza guy is today's equivalent of the shoeshine boy giving stock market tips in 1929.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who can't wait for January stats; Credit Union central BC has them up on their web site under "weekly briefings".
Sales way up in Jan and prices climbing..........

johnnycrasher said...

The guys at work were asking me if i was going to buy again, i said i was waiting for the market to come down.They all laughed at me, i guess they can't afford to buy pizza.I am not going to buy untill rents=mortgage


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